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May 10, 2006 09:20 PM


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Any recommendations for inexpensive places to eat in and around Barga (Northwest Tuscany, Garfagnana area, Lucca province)?

Will be travelling with my husband and 13yo daughter in May and June of 2006. We are looking for good food at reasonable prices, not incredibly fancy. Local places. We will have a car.


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  1. What a surprise to find Barga as the subject of a Chowhound post!

    It's a very pretty and traditionally wealthy village, so I don't have very good news about eating cheaply there. I can recommend the only good pizza we had on our trip in the nearby village of Castelnuovo de Garafagna. Also I remember an excellent steak done in the regional style I ate outdoors not far from the parco fontanamaggiore in Barga. But the menu had it priced by the weight, and it wound up being MUCH more expensive than I thought. I felt like such a dope.

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      Thanks for your response. And as for the steak . . . who would think it would be priced by weight?! I'd have done the same thing. Hope you enjoyed it.