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May 10, 2006 07:08 PM

Fun place, great food in Barcelona

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Unfortunately we can not get into Cinc Sentits, it booked. So, we are thinking about Sauc, Hisop or Moo?

Any other recs also appreciated. My husband wants to some place with reservations as our transatlantic flight comes in at 5:30 pm.


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  1. Maybe more agreeable after a transatlantic flight than the high end food temples is
    L'OLIVE,C. Balmes 47, Tel. +34-93.452 19 90, Reservation recommended (shortterm).
    Genuine traditional Catalan kitchen, especially bacalao (cod fish)dishes but many others to choose, nice ambiente at reasonable prices (€ 80 to 100 for two with a bottle of standard wine).
    PS. MOO may serve good food but I definitely wouldn't call it a fun place.

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      Kirsten Foster

      Out of those three I'd say Sauc. Or try Coure - Pasaje de Marimón, 20 Tel 932 00 75 32. Good, high-end but not too fancy food, smart but relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. And good prices. Hmm, but you may have the same problem with getting a table....


    2. I'd go to Cal Pep and if you go before 8:20, you can get in without standing on line. They don't take reservations. You sit at the long counter, look at what everyone is eating and start pointing. They'll put a huge bottle of Cava in front of you and charge you for what you drink. It was so great, we went back the next night.