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May 10, 2006 05:25 PM

Absolutely best restaurant(s) in Rome

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Will be heading to Rome in a few weeks but will be there on Sunday and Monday. Therefore, I can not hit La Pergola. I need your sugestions for the best in Rome (expensive is okay) La Rosetta? Al Moro? Antico Arco? Il Convivio? Help!

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  1. what is your criteria for great?

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Perhaps I should maybe ask for 2 recommendations - An establishment with excellent service, good wine list, top notch ingredients - an overall fantastic experience. For ex., my favorite restaurant here in NYC is Babbo. It doesn't have to be very pretentious, but I'm not looking for a casual trattoria. A little more high-end. I might go for the casual for lunch. La Terraza is beautiful, but I find the food to be very good, not great!

      1. re: Kathryn

        I'm a big fan of Babbo, too. Here's a link to Batali's writeup on dining in Rome. He gives a few restaurant tips that you may find useful. Unfortunately for me, I have'nt been to any of them.


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          Bill Strzempek

          Ay yi yi be careful following that link's suggestion to try La Pajata: it is without question the single most disgusting thing I have ever eaten in my life, in Rome or elsewhere...!

    2. Gusto is a fantastic restaurant and reminds me a lot of Babbo, but a perhaps a bit more casual. I actually preferred the food at Gusto over Babbo, but it may have been the headiness of being in Italy.

      1. The word "best" is tough: to me it means highest rated without cost considered.

        "best value " is different.

        1. k
          karin mercurio

          Well I have to say I think Gusto is not a very good place to eat, mediocre food, bad service, high prices. If you have to eat outside, and nowhere else is open on sunday ok, otherwise.
          Rome is not a great food town. however, La Rosetta (v expensive, but not like the La Pergola) has amazing fish. Antico Arco, after serveral down years, is back up there. I really am loving Il Pagliaccio these day - although if you are craving spagetti with meat sauce you won't find it there.L'alto Mastai is also very good.
          Rome's got lots of decent trattorias, but that doesn't sound like what you are looking for (I love by the way Pajata, but you have like organ meat).

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            karin mercurio

            Sorry, just saw you are here sunday and monday, and I think most of the places on my list are closed on Sunday. Sorry bout that. Sunday is tough for eating in town Don't know when or how you arrive, but have you thought about lunching at some of the v good restuarants around rome in the lazio countryside, like Antonello Colonna in Labico or Le Colline Ciociare in Acuto? Both open on sunday.
            whereever you go, enjoy your visit!

            1. re: karin mercurio

              Hello - thank you. Yes, Sunday/Monday tough. We're coming off of a tour (2 couples), so we will be arriving into Rome central via car arranged by the hotel. Don't think we'll be renting a car. I'm thinking La Rosetta for Monday night, Matricianella for lunch Monday. Worst case scenario, Dal Bolognese and La Terazza are open Sunday night. Guess I'll start thinking about a lunch spot for that Sunday. Thank you for your help.