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May 9, 2006 03:19 PM

trip to Capri, Amalfi and Rome in June

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I'm taking a 25th Anniversary trip with my husband to The above cities in Italy in June. I'm looking for a romantic restaurant in Amalfi for the actual night of our anniversary and other good choices for all three cities. I'm not necessarily interested in luxury places but would like good food in a charming atmosphere. I'd love good recommendations for local favorites in any of these cities, cafes etc.

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  1. I never really found anything great in Amalfi, but I have to admit that Andrea Pansa, in the main square near the Duomo, is a fantastic dessert place. Very nice, professional waitstaff, crystal glasses and silver cutlery, and - most importantly - amazing desserts. The lemon bomb (a specialty of the house - no idea what the real name of it is) is fantastic, and the chocolate covered cherries each contain about a shot of liquor.

    For romantic - I would recommend Ristorante da Paolino in Capri, which is in a lemon grove and I'm sure would look breathtaking at sunset.

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      Oh - I forgot about a "Slow Food" resto up to the left from the Duomo - we tried to have lunch there but it was full of kids on a school field trip. (Which seemed to be the case with most every restaurant in Amalfi while we were there.) It began with an M I believe, and the dining room seemed quite nice. I wish I could offer a better description besides that the menu looked interesting and reasonable. If someone has the Slow Food guide I believe it had been listed in there.

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        Thanks to those who replied to my posting in early May.I've been very busy and had no time to reply. Does Anyone have any more recommendations for Capri?

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          in capri... i second the motion on "da paulina'. Outdoor dining with only a lemon grove for a roof. We had a huge bass grilled for four persons and served table side...fabulous and very romantic.

    2. The Lido Azzurro has a terrace right on the water in the Amalfi harbor. I think it's quite romantic, and the food is excellent. I may be biased because my wife and I had our rehearsal dinner there.

      La Caravella has a nice room, dark and rather cosy.

      The balcony at Da Gemma has one or two particularly nice tables - if you can sit at the far end, you should have a nice view of the duomo.