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May 8, 2006 08:52 PM

Sydney: traditional roast lamb & potatos

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My husband is Australian who moved to the states to marry me (a yankee). We go back once or twice a year to see family and friends and we are going again next month. I'm looking for a restaurant that does a great lamb roast with potatos, something traditional that he craves and claims he can't find in the US (lamb is better in Oz). Any suggestions for Sydney?

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  1. Ask your hubby to explain to you about the Tom Cruise/"Mum's doing a lamb roast" thing (infamous commercial).
    The point is, MUM cooks it.
    This is a meal to request the friends/family you are visiting to cook for you. The restaurant version is never the same.
    Its THE classic meal for a sunday family dinner and pretty much everyone knows how to cook it. Ask them to teach you, and you can easily make it back in the US. If I can manage it here in Tokyo, so can you.
    The secret is to buy Aussie or NZ lamb (leg), not too old (should have pink stamp on the skin saying LAMB).
    Otherwise, eat it somewhere un glamerous like a pub or club, where they won't jazz it up too much.
    PS: Also, ask the rellies to show you how to bake pumpkin with the potatoes...

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      I appreciate your response and do appreciate what you are saying about it being a home cooking thing.

      I neglected to mention in my post (but meant to because I suspected I'd get the response I just did) that having someone do it for us is not an option, which is why I asked for a recommodation for a place to have it outside of the home in Sydney.

      Still hoping for specific recommendations.