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May 8, 2006 08:11 AM

Preliminary: Bordeaux and environs

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Admittedly have done little research, as the exact location was unknown, but now here it is: Aquitaine, Soulac-sur-Mer, late July. It looks like a tourist trap, but was hoping that there would be good markets for daily cooking (specialties in season I should not miss?) and some decent mid-range restaurants appropriate for large groups (there will be 16 of us, including children). Also, something really wonderful for just the two of us if we manage to get away from the family (his, loud, very curious. me: first time, scared sh*tless) for an evening. Any suggestions?

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    Fois gras fan

    We were in the area last January and had a very nice lunch at a restaurant just outside Soulac sur Mer. I think the name was Chez Annette...It was definitely Chez "a woman's name starting with an A"-(there aren't that many)!. Anyway, it was a spot I could easily picture your group of 16. It being winter I had oysters and crepinettes, fois gras etc. The area is known for escargot in tomato sauce in warm seasons...The ride from Bordeaux is gorgeous, passing many big name chateaux. Pack a picnic for on the way!