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May 7, 2006 09:47 PM

singapore--little india, chinatown, orchard road

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my wife and i are going to be in singapore for 4 days next week. we're staying in little india. any recommendations for great food in little india, chinatown, and around orchard road would be appreciated. thanks!


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  1. My favorite spot in Little India ia Anandabhavan's. It's a vegetarian south indian restaurant on Serangoon Road. Komala Villas is also a nice place, and they have a couple different locations, one being near the 24 hour Mustafa Center (everything you'd ever want to buy all in one place).

    On Orchard Road, I actually like the Takishimaya food court.

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      I used to be "Singaporexpat"...

      Serangoon Road area - Banana Leaf Apollo. To be truly authentic you should have the fish head curry and eat it with your fingers! Don't worry, they will give the ang-moh (foreigners) a fork and spoon if you want. But its sometimes a little confronting watching other people eat curry and rice with their fingers.

      Orchard- Picnic food court just round the corner in Scotts Road, basement level. Or, for A (hygiene) rated places, try the food court in Tanlgin Mall.

      Best- Lau Pa Sat (Boon Tat St near Shenton Way). Street blocked off at 7pm, then tables set out. The world's BEST satay is then cooked to order by various vendors. Nip inside for some hokkien mee (noodles) to go with it. There exists no better dining experience (and I have done the Paris 3 stars). Afterwards buy weird ice-cream inside (durian, yam etc) served in cup, cone, or slice of bread. Or a very traditional dessert of ice kachang (shaved ice, beans, codesed milk and coloured syrup - not to my taste but truly local food) Take a taxi there because they are pretty cheap in Singapore.

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        The chicken biriyani at Banana Leaf Apollo is also very good! I don't eat fish so I always pass on the fish head curry and let everyone else enjoy it while I scarf down a nice plate of biriyani.

    2. It's been some time but I have pleasant memories of 'Komala Vilas' and 'Muthu's fish head curry.'

      1. would have to third or fourth the recomendations for Komala Villa's (just for anyone else who is thinking of going out there soon) we ate ther on saturday and it was a brilliant meal, and absurdly cheap. As soon as we dug in with our fingers, rather than the knife and fork offered,they jolly well loved us and kept giving us little top ups too!

        1. I agree with the previous posters, you should try Banana Leaf Apollo. Come early for lunch because it will get very packed especially during weekends. My favorite eating place that I can't miss every time I go there is Lei Garden restaurant. They have two locations....the location in Victoria St. is better (at Chijmes). Chijmes offers variety of restaurants (Japanese, Western,etc). If you're still confused, just walk half down to Raffles the City Shopping Center. You'll find even more restaurants and cafes. Go to basement for 'budget' dinning. Enjoy.