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May 7, 2006 10:17 AM

Where to eat in Puebla, Mexico?

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We'll be staying downtown.

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    Susan in Toronto

    We spent a couple of nights in Puebla in March. We didn't have a lot of real dinners, because Puebla has great fast food, and that fit more into our schedule.

    We loved the tacos arabe at Taco Tony (or something alone those lines) - apparently the result of Lebanese living in that area. Also really good sandwiches at another place - I can't recall the name, and probably not all that healthy, but delicious. (Might have been called Super Tortas, or something along those lines?) There was also a place that had wonderful churros as well.

    We did have 1 'formal' type dinner - I think that the restaurant was called La Tecla. It was quite good, really inexpensive, and the restaurant was very pretty looking - fairly modern looking. Service was more formal.

    Puebla is a really nice city to visit - I'm sure you'll enjoy it.