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May 6, 2006 09:00 PM

Hong Kong

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I'd be grateful for any Chinese restaurant recommendations in Hong Kong?

Many thanks,



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  1. Hello Ian,

    I haven't been to HK in several years, but I understand my favorite destination for good, cheap seafood, Cheung Chau Island hasn't changed much in the interim. Take the Cheung Chau Ferry, buying a "deluxe" ticket so you can sit out on the deck and enjoy the sea breezes, then take your pick of the al fresco dining establishments along the esplanade area on the island.

    For a broad overview of the current state of HK dining, check out this piece by Fuchsia Dunlop from a year ago:


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    1. re: Gary Soup

      I'm pretty fond of Rainbow Seafood on Lamma Island. They'll pick you up at Queen's Pier in Central and return you when finished on their own boat. gratis.

      1. re: steve h.

        i've been told they are grossly overpriced and the food is average, free boat ride vs high food price...hardly worth it.

        1. re: ruby

          I was there in March. We enjoyed copious amounts of steamed shrimp (head on), lobster tails, abalone, squid, baby bok-choi, rice with chicken and shrimp and a huge plate of fresh fruit. Food was outstanding. The view of the quaint harbor was gorgeous. Tab came to $50 for two. Give it a try sometime.

          1. re: steve h.

            Got back last week after 10 days in HK and had a wonderful time with lots of fine eating. Some of the best food I have had and I have eaten pretty well over the years in Australia, Europe and Asia.

            Hutong at 1 Peking Road was fabulous. Very expensive by HK standards; about HK$600 a head with very little alcohol. The food, setting and view are wonderful although the service, whilst professional, was a little confused at times. Possibly some language, or accent, problems. The signature lamb ribs are great. The whole deep-fried crispy duck was good, but a little oily, possibly as a result of the oil not being quite up to temperature.

            Yan Toh Heen at the Intercontinental was exceptional for its Yum Cha (Dim Sum). Exquisitely prepared and presented and not expensive. They have a web site with the menu and prices and the prices on the day were less than the ones on the web. Had a couple of dishes from the a la carte menu and these were also terrific, especially the jellyfish with shredded chicken. My companions were appalled at the prospect, but once they had tasted it couldn’t hold back.

            Cheung Chau was a disappointment. The island and the town were great, but the seafood meal was less so. Maybe we picked the wrong place, but they all looked the same. Don’t get me wrong, it was quite edible and only HK$100 a head for a lot of food and Tsing Tao (beers).

            The tearoom behind the tea museum in HK Park behind Pacific Place (Mall). Lovely, quiet, great teas and vegetarian dim sum. Very genteel.

            Not Chinese, well, at least not all Chinese, is Café Too at the Island Shangri La. About HK$300 plus tax for the buffet lunch. What a blow-out. Fantastic food for a buffet, or anything else for that matter. I am not usually a buffet person, but remembered one at the Grand Hyatt there in ’97. This was even better. An enormous selection of wonderful and varied food. I was very glad I did it, but if my time was limited, I probably would have avoided all Western places.

            If you happen to go to City PLaza Shopping Mall at Taikoo, the Shanghai place a couple of doors from the ice rink has good Yum Cha. The best Shanghai dumplings, both pork and crab. Also their turnip cake in sesame puff pastry. Subtly different from you usual Cantonese. I would go back tomorrow.

            Bon apetit,


    2. Lots of Hong Kong discussion on this board; you need to do a search. also see link for one great example.