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May 6, 2006 07:39 PM

rec for Venice Restaurants for Woman Dining Alone

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I will be in Venice the beginning of June for a weekend and would like recommendations on inexpensive (I know that is not a word to describe restaurants in Venice) to moderatley priced restaurants. I do not want the typical tourists ones, but do want to feel comfortable dining alone. Love to people watch and eat almost anything. Enjoy seafood and a good glass of wine. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thank you.

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  1. I don't have a good reco for affordable places to eat in Venice but the link is to a comprehensive round-up of Venice posts from a couple years back that may help. You may want to do a control F search for more recent Venice posts.

    I have never felt uncomfortable dining alone anywhere in Italy including Venice. I think the fact that waiters tend to be career professionals in Italy (rather than in transition to another job) probably has something to do with that. Enjoy your trip and please post back with a report!


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      I just returned from there and the food - if you're not doing a sit-down meal - can be very inexpensive. Two absolute standouts are Al Prosecco in Santa Croce (it's at the northern end of Campo San Giacomo dellÂ’Orio) and Enoteca Cantinone Gia Schiavi di Gastaldi Lino (its address is 992 Dorsoduro, which doesn't mean much, but is near the Peggy Guggenheim collection on a fairly major Canal).

      Al Prosecco is a great place to go for an afternoon spritz (choose Aperol over Campari if you don't like bitter things) or prosecco col fundo (a natural, bottle-fermented prosecco). They have sandwiches for 1,60 and other foods ranging from 5-20 euro. You can sit on the main square or at a small dining room in back. The sandwiches included a wonderful mortadella made out of wild boar and an amazing house cured tuna.

      Enoteca Cantinone serves various crostini for 1,00 each, as well as a number of glasses of wine. (A small glass, called "un 'ombra" in Venetian, costs less than a euro.) Several of the crostini were fantastic, including the bacala mantecata, the runny mozzarella with pickled endive, and the uova e crema tartufo - or egg and truffle cream. My wife and I had three glasses of wine (bicchieri) each, two spritz, and about 10 crostini for about 22 euros. It's also an amazing wine store to boot - the bathroom is a bit on the sketchy side, though...

      Both places I think would be fine for someone dining alone, particularly Al Prosecco, where I felt particularly at home at.

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        Thank you both. I did look at the recent posts and noted some restaurants. I will also take a look at the link you sent Gretchen.

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          You might prefer a sitdown place if you are alone or if you, like us, have sore feet from touring - there are many relatively casual and excellent restaurants in venice that would be very nice - anice stellato comes particularly to mind, but quite a number of others have sprung up in Castello, Dorsoduro and particularly, Cannareggio.

          the other places listed in my most recent venice posts would also be suitable - and think about looking at the Osterie - venezia e dintorni - also available in English - Eateries in Venice, a local guide which is available in bookstores all around venice, and is very reliable (includes pictures of each restaurant, so gives you a feel, too.

          1. re: jen kalb

            Two places in Cannareggio I would recommend would be Trattoria Ca' d'Oro (aka La Vedova) for Venetian food (and cicchetti - the grilled vegetable plate for 10 euros was particularly good) and La Cantina, where we were fixed up an amazing plate of veggies, meats, and cheeses for about 20 euros. (They also are famed for their crostini, but actually have tables both inside and out.)

            Ae Oche, a pizza joint near Al Prosecco, turns out decent thin crust pizzas - tons of toppings, too, including dried horsemeat...