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May 5, 2006 11:17 PM

Dining in Ireland

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Hi folks:
Can anyone recommend a few places in Dublin and Killarney that offer good samples of local cuisine but aren't ultra-fancy? The idea is not to have to pack anything but walking shoes.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. We had a very good dinner at the Muckross Park Hotel which is just outside Killarney. This was a few years ago, so I don't remember the cost. I'm sure they have a website where you can check. I think dress is pretty casual in the countryside so don't worry about your shoes. In Dublin, the Avoca restaurant is local cuisine - they also have a place at Mull's Gap in the Ring of Kerry. It's also a store filled with great woolen goods and other items.

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      Desperate Diner

      Avoca is a great suggestion for well based local food at good prices. You will find them at Suffolk Street at the bottom of Grafton Street in Dublin.

      I would also recommend lunch at Rolys Bistro- you will need to book in advance. Its €20 a head for three course lunch- for the quality of the food, its hard to beat value.

      Would also recommend L'Geuleteon (spelling probably wrong) on Fade Street behind Hogans pub; and Brasserie Sixty6 as some reasonably priced, and quite trendy options for dining

      You can get away with walking shoes in most restaurants in dublin, certainly at lunch time

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        Another indorsement for Avoca. Be aware that Avoca is a department store for Irish made goods. the restaurant is pretty inexpensive but if you start shopping you can be broke before you get to the restaurant! I think that the Library Bar at the Central Hotel (sorry can't remember the address but is within easy walking of Grafton St) is a great place for lunch. I saw very few non-Irish people there ever. The food is very inexpensive and good. Try the bacon cheese burger which is made with Irish bacon and Irish chedder. A while ago the hotel was sold to Best Western but the food in the Library Bar was still a very good deal and tasty. Note that to get to this bar you enter the hotel and go up one flight of stairs.

      2. i highly recommend lime tree in kenmare, food is superb. i don't remember the price being that high for the excellent quality of food. do give it a try.

        1. Killarney - go for the Lakes but not for the Town itself or the food. Head for Kenmare - 25 min drive. The Lime Tree is the best known, but Mulcahy's is the better restaurant and they won't mind what garb you pitch up in. It's also below Virgina's - a reasonably priced guest house with fine rooms and brilliant service. Packie's, the Horsehoe bar and An Leath Phingin (fab Italian) are also great.
          Dublin - L'Gueleton is unlikely to let you in in walking boots, tho' they may be handy for pacing up and down as you wait for a table. Roly's in Ballsbridge is fine, or Peploe's in the city centre. Visit - a foodie site specifc to Dublin for lots more advice.

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