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May 5, 2006 11:10 PM

Shanghai: Fudan/Tongji area eats?

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I'll be headed to Shanghai in a couple of weeks, and will want to check out the good eats in the Fudan/Tongji Universities area, since my wife just picked up an apartment between the two, right by the #123 Bus terminal. Anything from street foods and noodle shops to "fine" dining. Good xiaolong bao especially wanted, too!


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  1. no recs in that area, but have a good trip! Follow the students is my only advice....

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      By way of an update, we found three venues worth reporting on in the very immediate vicinity of our apartment (corner of Ba Lin Lu and Hui He Lu):

      Cheng Feng Doujiang Dian, on the corner of Ba Lin and Hui He, is very big, very cheap, and (despite the name) has a well-rounded menu of local favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's also open 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, the food is not very good, though breakfast snacks are OK if you get them while they are very hot. Nonetheless, it's very popular and, especially at dinner, full of Tongji (and maybe some Fudan) students on cheap dates.

      A couple of doors up Ba Lin Lu toward the 123 bus station is a hole-in-the-wall called Fu Lai Mian Guan. It was our real find, and had excellent noodle dishes as well as "small plates." The noodles were freshly made, and served with the toppings on the side. The xiao cai were uniformly good, including a tripe dish and an eggplant dish, two things I usually avoid stateside but loved at Fu Lai. This place seemed to be a favorite for taxi drivers and single white-collar workers at dinner time.

      The third find was a couple who made a very good jian bing (for 1.7 yuan!) just up Hui He Lu from the corner, in front of a convenience store.