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May 4, 2006 03:03 PM

Wanted; Cooking Lessons in Country of Georgia in the Fall

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I will be spending a month in Georgia, near Russia in the fall and will have some free time.Anyone have a granny or an aunty who would like to earn some $ to teach me authentic Georgian cooking? How about food and food experiences you've enjoyed in Georgia? Thanks.

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  1. What languages do you speak?

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      Alas, none I can use in Georgia, BUT,I am friendly, adventurous and willing! I am going to eastern Georgia for a 2 week singing workshop and plan to stay on for cooking. Do you know someone who might let me cook with them?

    2. Try a language school. I took a cooking lesson in Rome with a Italian woman who taught cooking to language students. I speak no Italian but food speaks it's own language and she was a good cook.

      1. You might want to contact Mother Linda. I could've sworn she wrote an article about cooking in Georgia in an old Weston Price journal but I can't locate it on her site or in my hard copies.
        Anyhow, she's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to travel and food.
        Good luck...sounds like an incredible trip. I love your messages, too...still would like to try and set up a local chowhound outting!


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          Thanks darlin'!.Check out the Pa. board about what we have to do to get good Thai food here from yesterday (05\06) for news of an outing. Mother Linda looks like a very likely source of info for my trip. Did Weston Price go to Georgia?

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            I'll check out the Thai posts. Thanks for the heads up!
            It was in Georgia that the people with the greatest health were found and Price sited Georgians as some of the healthiest people on the planet. Ron Schmid's book Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine discusses these findings in depth. This taken from Dr. Schmid's site:

            "Another study of the health and vigor of people living on traditional foods was done by a group of Soviet scientists and doctors who examined large numbers of old people in Georgian Russia, in the Caucusus Mountains, in the 1970s. This is an area that's renowned for the strength and vigor of its old people. The doctors could find no evidence of the usual chronic diseases in the hundreds of people they studied- no heart disease, no cancer, no intestinal problems, no diabetes, and none of the marked mental decline so typical in cultures eating refined foods."

            Let me know if you want more information on local Weston Price get togethers. I used to be a chapter leader and still hob nob with some of the WAPF folks.:)

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              I know it's late to the game, but I want to point out that Soviet doctors and scientists also talked about "unnecessary propagandistic radiophobia" after Chernobyl, dismissing concerns that people were having health problems as a result of the meltdown.

              I'd take their health reports with a grain of salt!

              for example:

        2. There are many excellent restaurants in Tbilisi ranging from the tourist-oriented Old House (Dzveli Sakhli) Restaurant to more local places that have much better food. Pirosmani on Rustanveli is pretty good and a little upscale, but there is really no need to make specific recommendations as there are so many good options for Georgian food. There is a Mingrelian (like Georgian, but from the West) place across the bridge from the old baths that everyone likes. The place in the Hotel up on the hill is OK too, but my two favorites are the restaurant in the cellar on one of the streets behind Freedom Square that is known as the oldest restaurant in the city, and the big beerhall at the Brewery on the river (on the David Agmashimabeli side). The two Kazbegi Beer restaurants are decent too. There is also Khinkali Center in the middle of Rustaveli in the middle of town that always delivers the goods. Expect a lot of cigarette smoking in these places. Expect a lot of cigarette smoking everywhere.

          My favorite dishes were always stuff like whole roast pig, eggplant stuffed with walnut paste, pigs knuckles, veal braised in red wine, chicken in garlic and walnut paste (badji sauce) and any kind of roasted lamb chops. I also liked all the greens and pomegranate juice.

          You should be able to find someone to teach you Georgian cooking. Georgians like to to teach people Georgian cooking. I'd make your plight known to the people you are staying with and they should be able to hook you up.

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            Thanks so much for your reply and restaurant suggestions.I am REALLY looking forward to eating every dish you mentioned and have been cooking alot from a lovely book,"The Georgian Feast" by Dara Goldstein, as well as "The Cooking Of The Eastern Mediterranean" by Paula Wolfert". You might like to check these out if you've never seen them. Thanks again. (I hate smoke, this will be tough.)