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May 4, 2006 02:47 PM

Recs for Bermuda

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Hi folks- Taking a week long cruise to Bermuda with the fam. While there will be plenty to eat on the ship, any recommendations while scouting the island, or site not to miss?


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  1. Where will your ship be docked?

    There are some recent threads on Bermuda too.

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      Three different ports. I don't remember all the names, but I think the largest ones. Can you link me to the recent threads? I scrolled down, but some times these boards are over whelming.


        1. re: macca

          Swizzle Inn for burgers, Aggies for organic nice lunch, Hog Penny and Frog & Onion for pub fare.

          1. re: F,

            There was a place at the harbour in St. George which had a great open air appeal and the food was fine. The
            yachts tied up are simply a plus. It must still be there.

    2. It's been a few years, but some of our favorite restaurants there are in St. Georges. (You'll stop there as well as Hamilton and the Royal Naval Dockyard) Athena will have to confirm if they are still open, but our favorite is Blackbeard's Hideaway. It's just up the road from St. Catherine's beach. No place better to watch the sunset with a Dark & Stormy! The food is wonderful there. We pretty much ate our way through the menu last visit there and loved everything. Mostly seafood prepared expertly. By the way, some of the best snorkeling around the island is from the tiny beach at the bottom of the steps from Blackbeard's.
      At the Dockyard, try Freeport. It's more of a "locals" place. The decor isn't as fancy as the pub in the main Dockyard building, but the fish & chips are delicious, as are the fish cakes and the Bermuda fish chowder, which you shouldn't leave Bermuda without tasting. Be sure to add the sherry pepper sauce and rum to your chowder.
      While on the island be sure to visit the BAMZ---Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo. The aquarium is world class and the zoo part has some interesting animals.