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May 3, 2006 02:42 PM

Isle of Wight

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Any recommendations on the isle?

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  1. Sadly not really. Was born and grew up there; family still there so do go back fairly often. Nothing then and nothing really now.


    George at Yarmouth (patchy and very over-priced)
    Pond cafe at Bonchurch
    Red Lion at Freshwater
    New Inn at Shalfleet

    but don't expect to be overwhelmed.

    However, can put in a very good word for Minghella's ice cream (Wootton, near Ryde and various outlets)- it's superb.

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    1. re: Armadillo

      the Seaview Hotel, while not outstanding, has better food than most you will find on the Isle. The Isle of Wight has remained an unspoiled holiday resort since I first went there 50 years ago, with kind people, beautiful countryside, good buses, and lots to see and do. Unfortunately, its food is also stuck in the past.

      1. re: Crowsonguy

        Agree - forgot the Seaview.

        A friend also had a mixed experience at the Priory Bay Hotel but said she thought it had potential. (Near Seaview as well).

      2. re: Armadillo

        Thanks for the tips. Hmmm.. that name Minghella rings a bell or three. I think the Essex Cottage in Godshill has been revamped - maybe we'll check that out.