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May 3, 2006 08:17 AM

Matlock - Derbyshire

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Have a birthday meal out to organise in Exotic Matlock - any ideas?? a decent curry house would do??

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  1. Oh, wow.. I never thought this question would appear. We once had dinner in Matlock about 5 years ago on a trip north. Our first night was at a beautiful B&B just outside Matlock, and my partner took me to a curry place.. me being the Yank tourist. I can't remember the name of the place, but it was on the High St. and very good.. or so it seemed to me then. All I have written in my diary for that evening is Indian Tandoori. I doubt that's the name, but who knows.

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      Where you thinking of:

      Abid Tandoori Restaurant
      129 Dale Road
      01629 822444

      Check the link to the mapped location below and see if this is where you remember it to be:

      BTW: I've also eaten in Matlock, but its been a few years.


      1. re: JBC

        Thanks. I think that could well be the place. It was definitely on the main street which goes through Matlock and on toward where we spent the night. Dale St. seems to be that road. I also looked at the Google map ( I find that a really good site for finding anything in the UK. My partner thinks almost any curry place there would be fine.

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          Hey - thanks. Stunned to get any response at all!