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May 3, 2006 12:37 AM

The 80 Best Places to Eat in Paris

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This could be a brief but useful reference for all you hounders....


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    Bill Strzempek

    I have my doubts about a list that includes "Cafe de Commerce" as being a "best".

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      angela gilliam

      also, keep in mind that brits have different points of reference / standards for food, service, value for money. as an american living in london, i have found that point to be EXTREMELY important in evaluating reviews of food and lodging. this point assumes that the writer / reviewer is british, obviously, as the paper is.....

      1. Uh, many of those places are terrible. Did this guy just crib from the Zagat Guide or what?

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        1. re: Busk

          Maxim's? Good Lord. Do they even have a French-language menu?

        2. p

          Awwwwwww please dont shoot the messenger! I have no idea about Paris but saw the article and thought it could be useful - obviously not!

          I will say though, as to your comment on Brits and their food tastes "Pierre Rival and Christian Sarramon" who authored the article sound about as un-british as they come mais non?

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          1. re: PommieCrumpet
            Bill Strzempek

            No strafing of the messenger was intended, thanks for posting the list. Is that food supplement published every month, it is kind of interesting to flip through (I got an actual hard copy from a friend).

          2. Commenters maybe missed the fact that the criteria was "best places to eat-where the decor is as original as the food". I, for one, was pleased to see a list that included places like Le Grande Cascade, Le Pre Catalan, Prunier and Julien which are never mentioned by anyone on Chowhound but obviously have their fans because they have survived for years in this most food knowledgable city.