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May 2, 2006 04:13 PM

the Madrid of Almodovar and other things

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I am in Madrid and I am looking for cool bars and cafés and restaurants of the kind that Almodovar heroes (you know the Spanish film director) would chose... Any ideas ?
Oh, and by the way, I have tough choices to make. Should I go to el charlan or Dassa Bassa (can't do both) and is La Broche worth it? Many thanks in advance.

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  1. The Art Deco bar "El Chicote" at Gran Vìa 12 was one of the head-quarters during "La Movida" years of the eighties. From what I hear still pretty good - if you go after midnight. Between Gran Vía and the Chueca neighborhood you'll find any number of bars that Almodovar would feel at home in ("Stop Madrid" at Calle Fuencarral is one of many).

    I'm not that good on cool restaurants, as I tend to go to more traditional places. In the same area as above you'll find "Taberna Carmencita" (Calle Libertad 16), otherwise the street Cava Baja will give you ample choice.