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May 2, 2006 10:48 AM

If you could only visit one cave in Champagne?

  • k

We will not have time to do more than 1 visit. I am unsure if we should go small or large for our one shot.
Any advice? Favorites?

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    Eric the Law Student

    I posted a review on caves in Reims on this board just a little bit ago. Please see the link below for the review.


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      William Martellaro

      We visited Reims in 2000. Pommery was a great visit. Our tourguide was a girl who grew up in Reims. Great tour, wonderful maison, lots of history, and of course some great champagne.
      This past October we visited Epernay. We visited Alfred Gratien, because they are one of the few producers who age in oak(as oppposed to stainless steel) It was great. We contacted them by e-mail, and ended up getting a private tour from the fourth generation cellarmaster and his wife. A very small but wonderful operation. We were treated like family, and enjoyed a relaxed and unhurried visit, along with some of the best champagne in the world.