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May 2, 2006 04:50 AM

Paris: looking for the best frites, best soupe a l'oignon, restaurants in caves and dirt cheap food

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i'm on a RTW trip and am spending a month in paris. and although i'm very familiar with the city, my memory has lapsed a bit on where to go for:

- great fresh cut frites

- a big bowl of onion soup...i like the kind where the croutons are homemade, soaked just enough so that they're tender--but still toasty on the top, supporting a bubbly brown layer of cheese that isn't too thin but not so thick that it's drowning the croutons.

- my friend wants to eat in a cave...any suggestions?

- prices have gone up since i last went to paris on a budget. can anyone give me some updates on some good places to eat for under 10 euros?


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