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May 1, 2006 02:41 PM

London recs needed for French/French Bistro HELP!

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Need something for Monday/Tuesday this week for a bunch of co-workers from the States, great food, nothing hoity-toity. Thanks!

A quick google brings up these possibilities, any comments?

L'Escargot (hoity toity I know)
La Trouvaille
Brasserie Trouvaille in Islington
La Poule au Pot

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    Simon Majumdar

    Try Comptoir Gascon in Smithfield

    I have been quite a few times now and have never had a bad meal

    Here is a post on a recent meal at the bar from my blog

    hope this helps



    1. We like La Bouchee, a tiny hole in the wall bistro, Racine and Brasserie St. Quentin all very close to the S. Ken tube station. Everything has been great in all 3 places.

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        My wife and I were in London in February (2006) and ate at La Bouchee TWICE! We absolutely loved it. I had a fabulous pork shank with puy lentils. It was a very busy spot on our first visit, a Friday night. We did not have a reservation and therefore had to wait at the "atmospheric" bar in the basement, which was delightful.


      2. Best Brasserie in London is Galvin Bros. on Baker Street in Marylebone. Will need reservations but easily the best value I have found in London. Not inexpensive but wonderful food!!!

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        1. re: An American Living in London

          Certainly the best French "brasserie" style restaurant I've eaten in in London for a long time... Not cheap but really good value. And certainly not hoity toity. Book early if the menu takes your fancy.

          Otherwise, Islington's got the Almeida and Knightsbridge has Racine - both v. good.

        2. Le Vacherin in Chiswick is also well worth a visit if not too far out of the way for you. It is right by Chiswick park tube station and serves high quality traditional French Bistro food in a charming room that will leave you feeling that you are actually in Paris. Galvins is also well worth a visit, as is La Poule au Pot

          1. i find la poule a pot completely uninspiring.

            but in a lovely part of chelsea, about a 10 minute walk from la poule a pot, is cheyne brasserie. several leagues better and the best cote de boeuf in london.