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May 1, 2006 01:19 AM

De Donde Eres, Zihuatanejo, mexico

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this is a tiny place. i mean tiny.

the menu changes daily and only 3 dishes are offered.
the night we were there, the choices were

a salad of romaine with prosciutto, cantaloupe, sprinkles of goat cheese, in a lovely dressing.

grilled dorado with roasted mediterranean style vegetables

or chicken w/cashews stir fry, also offered in a vegetarian version.

dessert was home-made ice cream flavored with coffee and peanuts.

the host and hostess are the most charming people on the face of the earth and will make you feel at home and happy...

it's on the Caille Adelita. Go, Eat, Laugh, Be happy and sign the guest book!

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