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Apr 30, 2006 10:47 PM

ARUBA- Restaurant, Grocery and Happy Hour Recs Please!

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Planning first visit to Aruba in the fall. 9 nights at the Bucuti Resort on Eagle Beach.

Any recs for casual lunch? Burgers, sandwiches, pizza, salads, fish & chips, the usual suspects. Beachfront outdoor joints?

Dinner- This could be casual or not, expensive or not. Steak, seafood (conch & grouper?), Italian, regional favorites.... No Japanese or sushi.
Great food, value, and decent service is always preferred, but a fantastic view, unique setting, or memorable experience scores big points too. Closeby would be great, but not limiting ourselves to that.

Any good lunch/dinner places within walking distance (1 mile RT) from the Bucuti? Any take out joints?

Also looking for recs for nearby or well priced grocery stores and casual beachfront, poolside happy hours, especially those with steel band or island music.

Thank you!

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  1. Dinner
    Chez Mathilde
    Que Pasa

    Cuba's Cooking for mojitos and music

    Jamaican Me Crazy
    King Ribs
    Black Hog Tavern

    1. Marandi and/or Madame Janette for a nice dinner. You'll need a car or taxi for both.

      1. Smokey Joes for Ribs
        Madame Janette's best Almond Crusted Grouper(Romantic)
        Texas de Brazil for Brazilan BBQ
        Pincho's Everything is served on skewers (on Beach)
        Flying Fishbone -- Romantic (on Beach)

        1. King Ribs - local ribs
          Jamaican Me Crazy - Caribbean fare
          Gasparitos - romantic outside fine dining
          Mirandi - great food
          Cuba's Cooking - mojitos and music
          Flying Fishbones - waterfront romance
          Black Hog Tavern - fun BBQ
          Chez Mathilde - romantic
          Tierra Del Sol - Wed.lunch fashion show