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Apr 30, 2006 06:48 PM

Old San Juan

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Please tell me your picks for local food in Old San Juan.

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    Victor Domenech

    Il Perugino for excellent Italian food. Also expect to pay the price in Calle del Cristo. Before going there stop by Amadeus for a pre-dinner drink in Calle San Sebastian- 45 second walk to Il Perugino. Hit Fortaleza Street (SOFO) and there you have Aguaviva, Dragonflt, Tantra, etc. In Miramar- 15 min from Old San Juan go to Chayote or Augustos. You can't go wrong.

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      La Bombonera is a little bakery/breakfast place that serves excellent pastries (mallorcas are the best) with great coffee.

      Calle San Francisco 259

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        Ok I have read consist reports on Dragonfly. We have ONE night so what is a MUST?? We want to splurge because we will be in the rainforest roughing it for 2 nights..haaa...I think Latin/Spanish/PR cuisine is desired..thanks..

        1. re: Ann P.
          Victor Domenech

          Splurge? Spanish? Compostela or Ramiro's in Condado

    2. I went to PR a couple of years ago and had dinner at Dragonfly one night. The food was awesome and the atmosphere was chic. I would highly recommend checking it out. The food is asian/latin fusion...super tasty.