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Apr 30, 2006 04:22 PM

Cotignac, Var, Provence - Vineyard Tour

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Hi. Last year a group of eight of us rented a place near Chateauneuf du Pape and had such a blast, we're going back this year, but further east - to the town of Cotignac in the Var region of Provence.

One of the highlights of our trip last year was an all day tour of a bunch of different wineries led by Vine Tours, a great little outfit in the area, run by a terrific gal named Lindsey. She drive us around in her minivan to some great spots and provided a picnic lunch. We had a really fun day, bought loads of wine (we were all living in Europe at the time and drive down) and just laughed all day long. It was memorable.

Lindsey's company, which came to me highly recommended by someone here on chowhound, is too far from us to use this time, but we're looking for something similar near cotignac in the var region. anyone have any ideas? meanwhile, if you're in that part of languedoc/provence, you ought to give her a shout - she was cool, fun and full of info.

p.s. any food recs in that area much appreciated as well. we usually go out for lunch, shop for dinner stuff and wine and then cook a feast at the villa. life is good!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't know if it is, but the same message (in abbreviated form) appeared in February. I remember because I answered it then with one suggestion. The part about the tour was not included in that one.

      1. re: zuriga

        no, it's not a shill. i'm honestly asking for some help - and if you go way back, you'll see where i asked for the same over a year ago. a guy from chowhound emailed me privately with the recommendation. we want a full day of wine tasting and we do not want to be driving around the back roads of provence with a bunch of alcohol in our systems.

        if i was a bit effusive, it's because we were extremely pleased with our day out and i thought others could potentially benefit. sorry if i was breaking any rules! :)

        thanks for any and all info. much appreciated.


        ps. thanks for the info already given tony. at that time i was hoping we coudl still engage vine tours.