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Apr 27, 2006 04:58 PM

Bermuda restaurants

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Hi all, going to Hamilton in Bermuda. Everyone tells me its nothing but overpriced, mediocre food. Anyone know of any exceptions?

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  1. There's no way around it - food, like just about everything else here - is expensive in comparison to North America - it all has to be flown/shipped in.

    It's difficult to give recommendations without knowing your taste, but I'll give it a go. During the day try Lemon Tree Cafe on Queen Street near Front Street. Rock Island Coffee on Reid roast and grind their own coffee and has a baker who makes scones and cookies on site. If you like hamburgers and want to mix with the locals at lunch go to Dorothy's on Chancery Lane, or there's a little bistro down the steps from there that's open for lunch and dinner.

    For dinner there's Portofino or Little Venice on Bermudiana Road, Silk and Port o' Call on Front Street and Waterloo House on Pitts Bay Road. Waterloo House and the Fairmont Princess also serve afternoon tea. Ascot's on Rosemont Ave on the edge of town is another option for lunch/dinner. If you like Indian food, there's House of India on North Street and there's Jamaican Grill on Court Street for West Indian food.

    I have limited my recommendations to Hamilton, let me know if you're going to be elsewhere during your stay.

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      I am quite interested in your feedback. With the base closing on St. Davids, are they using any of that space for new places to dine? What's hot in St. Georges? Again, Thanks!

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        You might be able to get a burger on the old Baselands, but that's about it. As for St George's, there's Cafe Gio on Water Street, and the White Horse on the square is OK for a drink. The Carriage House was pretty dismal the last time I went. There's another place a little further down the waterfront called Tavern By The Sea where you can sit practically in the harbour - it's one of those bustling, beer and burger places. There's a little cafe called Angelinas where they make their own pies.

        There's the Black Horse in St David's for really good fish sandwiches.

        I don't know when you're going to be here, but if it's during cricket season, watch out for county games where you'll get some really good local food at the stalls.

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          Thanks for the recommendations. We will be there in a week -- staying at Fairmont Southampton, so about 20 min away from Hamilton.

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        I am headed to Bermuda the end of May. How kid friendly are these places, my daughter is 9. Thanks!

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          I am headed to Bermuda the end of May. How kid friendly are these places, my daughter is 9. Thanks!

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            The concept of kid-friendly/not friendly restaurants doesn't exist here, so you can feel comfortable taking your 9 year old to any restaurant on the island.

        2. Aggie's waterside cafe is a good lunch spot. Organic food and cute setting. (Falconer House, 108 Pitts Bay Rd., Hamilton)-Close to fairmont hamilton princess.

          Also a must try is the swizzle inn for their burgers and rum swizzles. I thought they were pretty good.