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Apr 27, 2006 10:02 AM

Madrid Opera

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Any favorites for post-Opera dining? I would prefer a place where I don't need reservations and have a good chance of getting a table, is relaxing and interesting (meaning not too old-fashioned.) I'd also like something in walking distance (I walk pretty fast.) I'll be going on a Monday night, if that's a consideration. Thanks.

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  1. What time will the opera (or concert) be finished? Options will be even more limited after 11:30 or 12:00.

    Monday is a bit dicey as many of the good places in the center are closed. The place that I would normally recommend is Taberneros, which doesn't take reservations and has a nice wine list and an interesting small menu of tapas and entrees. But I'm nearly certain that they are closed on Mondays.

    I'll try to give it more thought.

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    1. re: butterfly

      It will probably be about 11:00...we walk fairly quickly-any direction we should wander in?
      I appreciate your help.

      1. re: David W

        What about Schotis on Cava Baja? I'm pretty sure I ate there on a
        Monday night not too long ago. Pretty quick stroll from the opera,
        as is the rest of that Cave Baja zone.

        1. re: David W

          Not sure if Schotis will be open, but I think walking over to Cava Baja is a good idea. It's a ten or fifteen minute walk.

          This Monday and Tuesday are major holidays in Madrid and much will be closed, but something will be open. On that strip, I like La Camarilla, Orixe, Toma Jamón, Tempranillo, Casa Lucas, Huevos de Lucío, Julian de Toloso, Casa Lucío... Julián de Toloso is known for its chuletón (a huge steak) and other basque specialties. The last two would be the most expensive and probably not possible without a reservation. Then again, a third of Madrid leaves for this puente (four day weekend), so if they are open, you might be in luck. Keep in mind that the kitchen will probably close around 12:00.

          I live nearby and may be over that way tomorrow. If so, I can ask around to find out who will be open on Monday and report back, if you like.

          1. re: butterfly

            You are so nice! Just to clarify, we'll actually be there next Monday (8th) for the Opera, not this.
            Thanks again for all your help.