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Apr 26, 2006 10:14 PM

Edinburgh to St. Andrews

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DH and son(adult) will be landing in Edinburgh in June, renting a car to meander the countryside enroute to St. Andrews (to play the Old Course of course). Any recs re. route/places to stay/places to chow appreciated. Last visit was 20+ yrs ago, and I know, we are talking Scotland and food!

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  1. There is a very famous fish & chips shop in the village of Anstruther, on the southern Fife coast between the villages of Elie and Crail. Sorry, I do not know its name, but I cannot imagine it will be too hard to find.

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      Peter Cherches

      "I know, we are talking Scotland and food!"

      Some of the best food I've ever eaten was in Edinburgh, about 8 years ago, expecially the fresh seafood. The best mussels I've ever tasted, great oysters, salmon. Excellent wild game too.

      In Edinburgh I'd recommend Jackson's, an upscale "nouvelle Scottish" place, and Creelers, a casual "seafood bistro."


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        The Peat Inn is on the coast road to St Andrews--expensive, but deserves its reputation.

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        1. If you take the coast road after Kirkcaldy, then my favourite place is the Ship Inn on the harbour in Elie. They have the best fish and chips and creamy smoked haddock crepes. The daily soup is also worth ordering. If you are lucky, there may be a cricket match on the beach and they also have a simple patio for fine weather. Afterwards you can "stretch your legs" and walk up to the point. All of the fishing villages on the way are worth a visit, and if you like gardens, Kellie Castle is a must. It has a great history. Not so sure of places to stay as we stay at Kilconquhar, which is a great time share place a few miles outside of Elie, though I believe they do have rooms available in the Castle on site. Enjoy!

          1. I second the recommendation for the Anstruther Fish Bar. There is also a restaurant in St Monans (and it also has a branch in St Andrews) which is supposed to be excellent. I've not eaten there, but wanted to when we stayed there recently.

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              The Peat Inn is very very good.
              The Seafood Restaurant in St. Andrews and St. Monans are both fantastic. The location in St. Andrews in amazing. Basically a glass cube over the water. Gorgeous views.
              Balbirnie House in Markinch (also an expensive place to stay)
              Rescobie House in Leslie. A real hidden gem for food and a clean place to stay
              Luvians for ice cream or whisky in St. Andrews.
              ...and make sure they also play Kingsbarns!