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Apr 26, 2006 10:49 AM

Vietnamese in Paris

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I'm a pho addict and will taking a trip to Paris next month. I'd like to find an authentic vietnamese restaurant that serves pho/spring rolls etc. Any recommendations? :)

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  1. There are tons of places in Paris for good Pho. Go to the 13th, left bank. Metro stops Masion Blanche or Tolbiac and walk around. Also try Le Cambodge for Khmer @ 10 ave Richerand in the 10th. Belleville, the 19th (?) was originally a Sephardic/Maghrebi neighborhood, now it's mixed between Arab/Muslim and Chinese w/some Viet thrown in. Get off the Metro @ Belleville.

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      Thanks so much for the suggestions! Do you have names of specific restaurants I could check out? I don't want to take my chances and wander into a mediocre place. :)

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        Le Bambou (70, rue baudricourt, 75013, metro-place d'italie). We went here for Vietnamese last year. Nice, small, bustling place. No idea if it's good, since I'm not an expert on Vietnamese food, but everyone in there except us seemed to be Vietnamese.

        Got it off a list from
        where there's lots of other Parisian food recs.

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          Thank you for all of the recommendations everyone. I can't wait to try all of the different places. :)

          I'd love to try the Lao restaurant also, because I don't think I had EVER seen a Lao restaurant here in nyc.


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          While it's not Viet, it is worth a detour. Lao Lanxang @ 105 Ave Ivry, Metro Tolbiac or Maison Blanche. There aren't many place w/Lao food,I had the Nem Lao which was great. They also have some Thai and maybe some Viet dishes. I wish I had compan ythat day becuase all the dishes on the adjoinigntables looked great and I really loved my 1 dish. I've heard that Le tricontin in that area is good for soups but I dont' have the address. try the French yellow pages or .fr, don't worry they have an English pages as well.

          Good eating...

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          You want to go to the mall in the 13th that has the Paris Store at 44 Avenue d'Ivry. Those are the only pho places that matter anymore. Metro Mairie d'Ivry but you can walk from Tolbiac or Maison Blanche too.