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Apr 26, 2006 05:38 AM

Edinburgh - Martin Wishart or No 1 at the Balmoral??

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I will be in Edinburgh for two nights next week and am hoping to splash out on one fine dining meal - would you recommend Martin Wishart or No. 1 at the Balmoral or have I missed something out all together??

On my second night I am hoping to find somehwhere a little more low key (but still with great food and a good buzz) so any suggestions would be most appreciated!

Many thanks for your help.


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  1. Had a very good meal at Jacksons (for the second night). Timbale of Haggis, smoked salmon, game. Stac Polly was also very good and Creelers had very nice fresh fish. These are all relatively casual restaurants. I would love to return to Jacksons. I do not know your first two choices but I am not a frequent visitor to Edinburgh.

    Don't forget to have a wee dram of malt

    1. We had a delicious meal at Martin Wishart in March 05. Food was excellent, sommelier first rate, and the room very attractive. We stayed at the Balmoral, but did not eat there. From what we saw of the hotel, I think MW would be much more stimulating. Bit of a trek from the Balmoral - 10-15 minutes by cab - but in an interesting neighborhood.
      Another Edinburgh suggestion if you have a chance: Valvona & Crolla - either original deli or the newer restaurant across from Harvey Nichols: excellent Italian food and wonderful cheeses, salume, etc