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Apr 26, 2006 12:11 AM

Hip, busy, sceney restaus in Paris w/ great food?

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Lived there for a while many years ago and finally going back for another extended stay. Times I was there briefly in recent years, have been continually shocked by how much and how quickly things keep changing!

Looking for places along the lines of these:
Les Grandes Marches -- always seems busy and convivial
Hotel Costes -- love the atmosphere
Buddha Bar -- getting a bit tired of it...
Au Pied de Cochon -- classic for 24/7 brasserie

Am mid-30's and single, so I do like a place with a similar crowd into their 40's. And an attractive atmosphere and great food!!

Thank you!!

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  1. Did any of those places have great food? Maybe, Au Pied de Cochon if you've had a few. Being hip and having great food are usually mutually exclusive in Paris.