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Apr 25, 2006 11:06 AM

Any recs for a Chowhound Italian Honeymoon?

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Hello! My fiance and I are getting married, and are starting to plan our honeymoon in Italy, which will be heavily focused on food. We are really interested in doing a farmstay(where you stay with a family and have them cook for you) to really experience Italian culture/food. Has anyone been on one or have any they can reccomend?
Also, any suggestions on having a food-filled yet affordable honeymoon would be greatly appreciated. We would like to see and eat as much as possible, including visiting the countryside and the beaches, but are trying to do so on a small budget. Any restaurant suggestions or even suggestions on places to visit and eat would be great. My fiance has never been to Italy, and I have been there once, on a very short stay in Venice. And I ate the whole time.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. I can recommend Albergo Rosati, a few km. south of Orvieto in Umbria. A half dozen handsome rooms and an evening meal that doesn't end until all of the wine and grappa is gone. Always a dozen or so diners enjoying quality family style food, all overseen by the ebulient host.

    When I stayed there for a few days a couple of years ago one of the other guests (from Tucson) returns to this place for three weeks every year.

    Another reason: in Orvieto is I Sette Consoli, my absolute favorite dining in all of Italy.

    Congrats and buon viaggio!

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      Can you post the link to Albergo Rosati? Thanks so much!

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        My husband and I did a walking tour of Tuscany last year and it was amazing - I highly recommend it if you are adventurous and love eating. Check out the book "Walking and Eating in Tuscany"

    2. We stayed here 20 minutes outside of Florence, breakfast by mamma every morning, cooking lessons and other meals by request.

      A really great bistec florentine resto in walking distance, the son worked at another resto way up in the hills.

      Easy trip into Florence, Pisa is an hour at most away.



      1. We stayed in a beautiful (and beautifully renovated) farmhouse/agriturismo in Tuscany just outside of Pistoia, within easy driving distance of Florence, Lucca, Montecatini Terme/Alto, and of course Pistoia. (The farmhouse is less than ten minutes outside of town.)

        A lovely family owns and runs the place, nonna cooks breakfast every morning, and before we left every day they asked whether we would want to stay for cena, which we did once . . . everything we ate for dinner was grown or raised on the grounds of the farmhouse--the wine, the olive oil, the verdure, the herbs--everything. Fabulous bistecca fiorentina, homemade pasta, everything was phenomenal, and the grounds take your breath away. Very romantic.



        1. not a farmstay but a walled castle village in central tuscany with small houses or apartment with kitchens or b&B rooms, a rustic restaurant a short walk down the hill on an estate that makes its own wines, oils, etc. A great base for travelling all over the area and very romantic - the forest smells beautiful and the vistas and night sky are amazing.


          1. I have eaten several times at Castel d'Arquato just outside of Milan near Piacenza. It is incredible. The last time I went though they only accepted cash. From what I remember, quite a bit of their food is raised on the former castle's grounds, and at night sometimes there is a band or a disco at the very bottom. It has always been excellent. I highly recommend it, as my brother lives in Italy and this is also one of his picks. Their Tel. 0523-805161. Good Luck!