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Apr 25, 2006 10:16 AM

provence--eating in the luberon

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My husband and I will be visiting Provence this weekend for the first time -- staying in Cheval Blanc in the Luberon region. Looking for special places for lunch and dinner nearby. Lunches for 40-50 euros total and dinner for 100-120 euros total. Would like to keep our dinners within 15 minutes drive of Cheval Blanc as I imagine we'll have a bottle of wine with our meal.

Suggestions? We eat everything!



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  1. I'm much more familiar with the area north and east of Cheval Blanc, but out of curiosity Googled Cavaillon and came up with the following website that has a few suggestions. Maybe you can search for more information on these nearby (to you) restaurants. You might enjoy the Sunday market in L'Isle Sur Sorgue and Limousin seems a popular destination, too.


    1. If you are within driving proximity to Roussillon, I highly recommend Restaurant David with excellent food and fantastic view.


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        It's not a restaurant, but that region has my favorite winery in France--Chateau de Mille, on the minor road (on the slope of the hillside, not the main highway) connecting Bonnieux and Apt. It is an 800 year old winery whose owners (who live there) are the descendents of the man who bought the winery when it was privatized during the French Revolution.

        The wine is very high quality and not expensive. I paid $80 for 6 bottles last year, including their 1995, which should not be missed. The tasting room offers a vertical pouring of about 10 years of their wines. Enjoy your visit!

        1. i highly recommend the restaurant at la bastide de marie, great ambience and the food has never disappointed me during my stay there.