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Apr 24, 2006 09:06 PM

India in May ??

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Hi All,

Heading off to my first trip to India this May for a wedding and then some travel. Planning on flying into Delhi with next stops in Dhara Dun , Mumbai and Karela. Any suggestion for can;t miss kind of places? Looking for street food to high end recommendations. Appreciate any help you can provide.

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    Peter Cherches

    I assume you mean Kerala? Will you be in Cochin? Don't miss the lunch buffet at the Taj Malabar Hotel, as well as Fry's Village restaurant on mainland Ernakulam.

    Keralan food is one of the great unsung cuisines; the seafood is amazing.

    Also, make sure you try some sweet lime juice (mosambi) in Mumbai or Kerala--you'll never find it outside of India, and it's delicious.

    Make sure you try to find uppma for breakfast is South India (a couscous-like wheat cereal with spices).


    1. Be careful with street food in May in Delhi - it's the hotest month and even local family avoids street food in May and June. Less of a concern elsewhere you are going. However, do enjoy a very good (though relatively expensive) meal in a beautiful space at Spice Route in the Imperial Hotel in Delhi (near Connaught Place). Ask the maitre'd to give you a tour of the art/artifacts in the restaurant.

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        hi wombatnyc im from bombay and have visited New delhi recently u have to eat at Karims in Dehli its soo good! they have several locations the most popular being near Jumma Masjid ( friday mosque) its sort of a dive but still clean. u have to have the meat dishes and save room for the kheer its extra good.
        In bombay eat at Indian Summer at Nariman Point its a new trendy restraunt that opened. Definitly have dinner at Delhi Darbar at Colaba order the butter chicken, tandoori chicken. hope that helps some. feel free to email me if u have any questions

      2. Karim's near the mosque is quite an amazing, lively place. I loved it. It's an institution. I went there 15 years ago.

        By the way, May already happened.

        1. If you visit Bangalore or Mysore, dont miss visiting some good road site SAGAR hotels. You will get delicious IDLI,DOSA with Sambar ! You will see many SAGARs on roadside.
          Also check into some ANDHRA hotels (there are many in Bangalore) and explore CHICKEN BIRYANI ...