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Apr 24, 2006 12:57 PM


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I will be in Pisa on Sunday May 13th for 1 night proceeding a ridiculously early flight out the next morning. I've done a search of the board already and didn't really turn up much in the way of recommendations. So, my fellow Chowhounds, does anyone have a recommendation for a nice meal in Pisa. I will, most likely, be dining along. My hotel, from what I can tell, is sort of midway between the airport and the leaning tower. I most likely will be looking for something more casual than haute. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. If you register on "slowfoods" (for free), see, you will find the following restaurants listed in the Pisa area. You can then click on the name to obtain the address and a very brief summary. You won't go wrong with these recommendations.
    eg Aeroscalo ristoro Pontedera - (Pi
    ) Via Roma, 8
    Tel. 0587 52024
    Price: 28-30 euro vini esclusi

    Aeroscalo ristoro Pontedera - (Pi)
    Albana Volterra Mazzolla - (Pi)
    Da Badò Volterra - (Pi)
    Da Benito Castelfranco di Sotto Orentano - (Pi)
    Il frantoio Montescudaio - (Pi)
    La taverna dellÂ’ozio San Miniato Corazzano - (Pi)
    Osteria dei cavalieri Pisa - (PI)
    Re di Puglia Pisa Mortellini - (PI)
    Vineria di piazza Pisa - (PI)

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      Thanks so much. I'm actually a memeber of Slow Food, I should have thought to check out their site.

    2. I second the recommendation for Osteria dei Cavalieri, Via San Frediano 16, closed Sat afternoon and Sunday -- everyone from the cab driver to my hotel concierge (Royal Victorian -- great spot) told me to go there and it was great -- swordfish carpaccio especially, cozy elegant atmosphere.
      More casual, a chance to mingle with the Pisans -- Vineria all Piazza, Piazza Vetto Vaglie, closed Sundays, cash only, cheap
      Also loved Osteria dei Mille, Via dei Mille 30/32, moderate, great homemade pasta