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Apr 22, 2006 02:53 PM

Cannes - or thereabouts

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Hey Hounds,

I will be in Cannes the week of May 22 and wondering about places worth finding.

The festival folk inhabit the 'crooked street', a motley collection of mediocre restaurants in the town. But I've read about a wonderful brasserie in Antibes that has the best bouillabaisse in the area (Patricia Wells).

Since I will be able to shoot out of Cannes for lunches or dinners, I'd appreciate any recommendations (I'm already hoping to make it to Le Moulin in Mougins).


- Sean

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  1. I'm going to be in Cannes/Nice/Antibes during that week as well. I read a little travel guide and Antibes seems to have alot of great food...Nice as well too. Check out Barnes and Noble for books, in case no one replies here. :)

    1. Mougins is a quick drive from Cannes and I highly recommend it for
      much more than Le Moulin. Or take the bus for lunch and walk back.
      I've eaten at a number of places inside the village which were nothing
      short of excellent. The only name that comes to mind is Restos des
      Arts, which I picked because it had the cheapest menu and turned out
      to be the highlight. The waiter laughed and laughed and laughed at
      my attempts to use his language. But in a good way. Awesome fish soup,
      though you'll find that everywhere.

      In Cannes itself, I suggest staying far, far away from Planet
      Hollywood, if it is still there. :)