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Apr 20, 2006 12:44 PM


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Anyone have a suggestion on London. thinking of Maze or Dune or Ledbury's...and is it worth a trip out to clerkenwell's in St John"s?

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  1. On Ledbury's - for the price I think there are better places in London to go too. Not that it isn't good, but still quite pricey for eating out in Kensington.

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      It depends where you're staying as to whether it's worth going to Clerkenwell. If you're anywhere in Zones 1-4 on the tube, then it really isn't far at all. It's close to Farringdon overland and tube stations, near to Holborn, all of which is close to the West End.

      One quick correction on the Ledbury, it's in Notting Hill not Kensington. I haven't eaten there but it does get excellent reviews.

    2. Maze and Ledbury are both excellent, and neither are especially costly by London standards given the quality. Both obtained Michelin stars in their first year, which gives some idea of quality. St Johnis actually not that far out, as Silverbrow observes. It specialises in offal, so if that is your thing then it is great. If you are looking for a more conventional experience then you might be disappointed.

      For details:

      1. If you like seafood, try to get a reservation at J.Sheekey's in Leicester Square. Wonderful food, great atmosphere, and a real London tradition, which curiously enough, most tourists dont seem to know - I only got to know of it through family then realised how famous it is.