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Apr 18, 2006 11:08 AM

olives & good bread in London, help!

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Can anyone steer me to good peasanty bread in central london? How about a shop with a decent olive selection? thanks.

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  1. There's a Poilane bakery on Elizabeth St. near Sloan Square. Super bread!

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      also available in Harrod's and I believe in Selfridge's

    2. I used to go to the open air market on Berwick Street in Soho:

      There was a bread stall that supposedly supplied many restaurants in London. I remember the peasant-like bread was amazing--I would eat the entire thing in one sitting because it was so good! I would be curious to know if it's still there or not. Good luck!

      1. the nicest olive selection i've had in a while is at the lebanese super market green valley, upper berkeley street. their ice creams are great too, as are their sweets.

        but the best thing is the freshly made lebanese pizza. especially the meat (lamb) pizza.

        1. Try Borough Market. They have lots of breads and I think I remember olives. A lot of the stalls are run by bakeries, so it would be a good way to try several places at once.

          Make sure you try everything else at Borough while you're there, too!

          1. Thanks everyone, I'm going to try out the markets. I do know that the big shops have good food halls, but I am trying to find some new places!! Thanks.