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Apr 18, 2006 12:02 AM

Gordon Ramsay in London

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Wondering which Gordon Ramsay is "the one," and how do you go about getting a reservation? I hear that they take reservations exactly one month in advance? Has anyone used to make reservations? They required my credit card to reserve Gordon Ramsay - is it ok to use them? Thank you so much!

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  1. Have eaten at his restaurant in Claridge's before, which was a great meal. We got reservations a week beforehand, but I do believe that his other restaurants need more time. I think the 'Maze' is a bit more hipper, and newer, if that is what you mean by 'the one'.

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      The original one is the one on Royal Hospital Road. When I went, I actually got the hotel's concierge to do it and that may be the best way if you are staying at a hotel.

    2. You can try emailing them (go to the GR website)as I did but I never received a response. So I called one month in advance as requested and had no trouble booking a lunch on that date (don't call on the weekends, though--they're closed).