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Apr 17, 2006 01:13 PM

dim sum in london?

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Hi, I've just moved to London from the US and am terribly missing the dim sum restaurants of SF. Are there any good places in London? Location and price dont matter when it comes to dim sum :-)

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  1. The best Dim Sum in London is at Hakkassan off Tottenham Court Rd

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    1. re: Tony Finch

      Joy King Lau. Near the theatres.

    2. London covers all spectrums. Here's two dim sum posts I put on the board last year. The first has a michelin star, lots of reinterpretation, and the second one is a trolley-laden, no frills place. I suspect the latter is what you're after.

      15 Broadwick Street,cnr of Berwick Street, Oxford Circus tube stop.
      Us poor students must rely on generous aunts for outings to Michelin-starred dim sum restos! This is very swank, with waiters that glide, artfully placed exotic fish tanks and candle-lit alcoves. The dim sum was delicious, and since I didn't see the bill, I mercifully have no idea how much it cost. Fond memories of scallops, and some kind of gold-leafed dumpling... You can choose your dessert from the Pierre-Herme-esque (marble minimalism, and unreal looking individual portion desserts)patisserie bar. For all its michelin glow, I must admit that a greasy, kitsch dim sum tearoom gets my heart thumping and mouth salivating more. It just doesn't feel like dim sum without all the MSG... Would like to know what others make of this place.

      Gerrard Place, Leicester Squ. tube stop.
      I come here every time I am in London for dim sum, which they serve from the traditional carts during lunchtime. Lots of fun, including some of the best deep fried seaweed. Not to be missed: anything with prawns, the wonton soup trolley, the little chicken and mushroom baked thingies, the BBQ pork bao, etc.

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        Thanks everyone! I actually have been to Yauatcha and Hakkasen on previous trips here, but was hoping for somewhere to go on a more everyday basis. Will definately be trying New World and Joy King Lau, and shall report back here.

      2. I'm also fairly new to London and today was my first outing for dim sum. We were near New World and went there. I wasn't overwhelmed. There was a good variety of dishes and my partner also had some soup. Everything was tasty and we spent about £14.. only 3 different dim sum choices, soup and drinks. The drinks probably were more than the food. :-) Welcome to London.

        1. For me, having lived in Hong Kong, I found the dim sum at Royal China on Queensway in Bayswater to be superb. I was quite surprised at how delicate and refined the dim sum was, even compared with Victoria Seafood (the one at CITIC Plaza) in HK. You must try the Chinese broccoli (gai lan) in garlic sauce also. There are also several other branches in London, but this is the best one, and the largest.

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            We greatly enjoyed our dim sum meal there.

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              Forgot to mention this place too.

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                Second the recommendation for Royal China - by far the most interesting and delicate dim sum I have tasted in London; however, the char sui buns at New World are better... BTW, there is a more convenient Royal China on Baker Street; just beware the queues at the weekend (no reservations)! Enjoy...

                1. re: cytrey

                  I really like this one, too. It's where my godmother always takes me. However, often we're turned away from the door, it's so popular! If the Baker Street one (which I didn't know about) is as good as the original branch, maybe try there.

                2. Try Dragon Castle in Walworth Road, Elephant and Castle.

                  It's better and cheaper than Royal China. And whilst it's not as innovative as Yauatcha can be, the standard of ingredients and cooking is as high.

                  All the best,