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Apr 17, 2006 09:09 AM

looking for a good layover lunch in london

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En route to points further afield, we'll be spending a long afternoon in London changing planes/airports.

We'll probably get out of the airport and into the city itself around lunchtime.

We're looking for a delicious, not terribly expensive (certainly less than $35/person with a pint and tip) meal. Seeking something centrally located (near Buckingham Palace maybe?) and faintly "English" but lightened w/a bit of int'l influence.

Maybe a gastropub is our best bet? Or perhaps some particuarly stellar fish and chips?

No Indian/Pakistani food please, since we can get excellent cuisine of that sort at home. And no greasy, nasty pub grub, please. Thanks!

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  1. Time to restate. Do not eat in a pub. Not even one calling itself a "gastropub". Compared to restaurants they are crap. Use pubs to drink, not to eat.Eat in restaurants.

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    1. re: Tony Finch

      Ok, Finchy. I'll note this. So are there any restaurants you can recommend that fit my above requirements w/o breaking the bank?

      1. re: chuletitas

        You could tery Boisdale in Ecclestone St near Victoria, which specialises in a Scottish produce and which remains authentic if a touch touristy. For a traditional romantic French you could try La Poule au Pot.

        The Tate Britain restaurant in the Tate Gallery in Pimlico is a good choice for lunch, not overpriced and a unique ambience. Rousillon in Baranabas St has a Michelin star and does a £30 set lunch. Some people like Hunan, where the owner looks you up and down and then feeds you as he sees fit.

        You said no Indian but Quilon in a hotel in Buckingham Gate is unusual in specialising in South West Indian/ Keralan cuisine, light, fruity, tropical and wholly different from the run of the mill Indian restaurants. An excellent lunch choice

        1. re: Tony Finch

          there are sooooo many different regional cuisines in india, so if we're going to identify them, please lets be careful.

          there is of course no such thing as 'southwest' indian cuisine. there is goan, mangalorean, konkani, coastal maharastrian, inland maharastrian, coastal keralan, inland keralan, coorgi etc.

          and while we're at it, what 'run of the mill indian' restaurants are there in london?

          there's bombay brasserie, mela, chai paani, quilon, moti mahal, the ymca canteen, india club in central london and then a whole bunch in southall, wembley etc. which ones are you referring to?

          1. re: Tony Finch

            I am also looking for a great layover lunch in London. However -- I am looking for a perfect ENGLISH moment.

            Fish n' Chips
            Ploughman's lunch or other.

            I have 8 hours -- so plenty of time.

            Please HELP!

        2. re: Tony Finch

          Tony F: Does your caveat about pub food extend to The Guinea in Mayfair which does claim to be a restaurant as well?

          1. re: VivreManger

            A few pubs have separate restaurants attached which is slightly different to eating in the pub itself. But in the case of the Guinea Grill, I'd say it we below restaurant standard and plays the posh pub food card for tourists.