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Apr 16, 2006 11:27 PM

Sydney - the best

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Just returned from extended trip to Australia, and discovered Laksa while in Sydney. The very best was in the Queen Victoria Building in the basement at the malaysian place....oohh so good. Had it a couple of other places but never quite the to find it back home!!!

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  1. Pity you didn't try the "world famous" laksa at the Old Fitzroy in Woolloomoolo! One of the best laksas in Sydney!

    1. Oh dear. The great laksa debate!

      Hands down in my opinion is To's at north sydney. More curry flavoured but also very very good is the Malay Chinese on Hunter street.

      There is a facebook group dedicated to Sydney Laksa, not to mention articles in SMH and various blogs. QVB laksa is ok and better than most, but it's definitely not one of the best (IMHO).

      It's become a bit of a sydney institution this laksa thinG!

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      1. re: kmh

        Yeah ... Like the great ramen debate.

        I agree with To's and Malay Chinese ... definitely strong contenders, I lean more towards Malay Chinese myself.

        I wish I knew of a place that did Katong style Singapore laksa ...

        1. re: kmh

          I agree with you, laksa has become something of an institution in Sydney. I love the one at QVB, never miss a meal there whenever I'm in Sydney. Aussie-style laksa is unlike anything we have here in Singapore.

          But there lies the attraction, amidst all the different types of laksa we have in Singapore (Katong-style, curry chicken noodle-style, Penang assam laksa, Thai laksa/num-chin, Johor laksa), I really liked Sydney/Oz laksa which I think has its own unique traits, and is as good as any other versions.