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Apr 16, 2006 03:52 PM

Le Petit Pontoise & L'ilot Vache

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Have any of you Paris-going chowhounds had experience with either of these two bistros? I read something from an earlier publication giving very good reviews to Pontoise and another more recent post elsewhere on L'ilot Vache, but don't recall anything here. Thanks

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  1. We ate at L'Ilot Vache our first night in Paris; it was right across the street from where we stayed which was perfect since we were exhausted from jet lag. You get a lot for your money -- 4 courses for 33e, I think. You can check it out at

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      Can someone fix this? I was on the home cooking board as well and somehow managed to cross-pollinate subjects. I'm so sorry about this. Can't wait for the new site when we can delete and start over!!!

    2. Been to Petite pontoise twice now. The second time we took some friends. food was very good[last time i had pork cheeks] for a bistro but it can get quite crowded. its also open sunday which can be a difficult day.Also many americans since the NY times article. the first time i was there they were all clutching their article. My wife doesn't drink and they said they would open any bottle of wine other than the very expensive ones and just charge me for what I drank.