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Buenos Aires for Vegetarians??

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I'm not a huge steak fan, and was wondering if there are any finds in BA where a non-meat eater could be happy. We are planning a trip to BA in the fall, and I just want to make sure I'll have plenty of choices:) thanks in advance chowhounds. . .

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    Tha Groovin' Gourmet

    While I certainly swoon for the steaks, the vegetable sides at Restaurant Dora are every bit as good. They also have a variety of seafood dishes available if it's just red meat that is out of the picture. And another hound posted about the marvel that is their fruit salad.

    We liked Dora so much we cut our Chilean ski trip short by one day so we could spend one more night in BA and enjoy one more kickbutt meal at Dora.

    BA is right up there with Barcelona and Vancouver as my favorite foreign cities. Have a wonderful time, and be sure to report back!

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      Thanks for the information! We will make sure to put Dora on our list. . . and will report back.

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      Un Extranjero en BsAs

      You should try Bio in Palermo Hollywood (Humboldt 2199). It's one of the only places I know that is not only vegetarian but organic as well. I, by the way, am not a vegetarian but would go there at least once a week after having my fill of steak, milanesas, pizza, pasta and empanadas. A really very nice atmosphere as well in a great neighborhood. Try the veggie burrito. The salads are a relief as well after you've had one too many shredded lettuce, tomato, and onion extravaganzas. They also make their own wonderful bread.

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        Thank you very much for your response! We are going to BA in October -- so I am definitely gathering as much restaurant info. as possible. Can't wait!

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          I have to second Bio. I had such a great meal there. I wasn't expecting much because BA is so meat-oriented, but I couldn't have been more pleased.

          It's very slow-paced, so give yourself plenty of time. It's also pretty small and you can see into the kitchen. There are two guys who make all of the food. It's really fresh, flavorful, and delicious. Don't miss it.

          But in general, BA has a lot of Italian restaurants. You won't have trouble finding good food even if you don't eat meat.


        2. You are so lucky to go to Buenos Aires... I could personnally move there tomorrow morning and be very happy! Food is great, wine is great, people are amazing... and there is a lot of very good shopping to be done there! If you go to Puerto Madero, you can go try the restaurant at the La Faena hotel. Very good fish and white meat, although not exclusively vegetarian and quite pricey for Buenos Aires(N.b. the hotel alone is worth the trip...it was designed by Philippe Starck). You will also find a lot of restos in that area. There is even a Bice, which is a very good Italian restaurant (we have one in Montreal also).

          But Palermo is a must. You will certainly find all the good food you want there. And if you lke cookies, there is that AMAZING and tiny cookie shop on la Calle Soler in Palermo. It was right in front of our b&b... so the address is somewhere near 5676. Corner of Fitz Roy and Soler.

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            Thanks, Frenchie, for your response. I do love cookies -- and will definitely put the cookie shop on my list! And, I had heard of the Law Faena hotel -- so will look into that as well. Thanks again. And, if you have any more thoughts or suggestions, please let me know!!

          2. Restaurant Dora was one of the best restaurant experiences that I have ever had. Many of the wait staff have worked there for years and they have a sofistication that you rarely find.

            The menu is also printed in English and must be 10 Pages or longer. Everything that we ordered was fantastic.

            I have been to many cities around the world and have eaten at many top notch restaurants but Dora is one of my favorite places to eat in one of the Best Cities in the World.

            It is the only city that I have ever visited that I can't stop thinking about.

            Hope you have as much fun as we did.

            Brian from Michigan

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              Could not agree with you more, Brian! BA is wonderful, and Dora rocks. We had a waiter the first night we nicknamed Mr. Surly. But the rest of our meals we enjoyed with Bernardo Salazzo, who presented us with his business card. It's truly refreshing to see waiters who take their profession seriously.

            2. Soory I read your post and forgot to mention that the fish is awesome too.!!!!


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                Thanks, brian. Sounds like we should try Dora! Looking forward to it . . . and BA sounds like an amazing city.

              2. I have been to BA many times, because my boyfriend is a native. He and all his friends are serious carnivores, and I always come home and go on an all-veg diet for a week! But, there was an article in the New York Times food section last week that featured restaurants using more native south american ingredients in their cuisine, like quinoa. That restaurant Bio was mentioned:


                But even if you are eating at a parrilla, you can usually order fish, or, at least chicken. Also, most of the classic (not trendy, but still tasty) parrillas in BA have huge salad bars, so my strategy is always to get a big plate of salad and share a grilled dish with someone else. The trendier restaurants, like in Palermo (mentioned by a poster above) will certainly have non-red meat dishes. (When you go shopping in Palermo, which is a must, you can pick up a Palermo neighborhood map that is a great guide to all the fun shops and restaurants.) A lot of the younger porteños are very health and body conscious, so there are a lot more vegetable offerings than there used to be. Also, BA is overrun with italian restaurants, and you can always get a meat-free pasta and salad in them. Have fun!

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                  The place is called Krishna Love, and it's located at Malabia 1833, on Plaza Costa Rica.

                2. I love BA and actually found the local Hare Krishna restaurant in Palermo Viejo along the main park/square in the neighborhood to have really great vegetarian food. You can sit outside on small tables and they have a fantastic ginger limondade drink. Yummy empanadas and sandwiches. Everything fresh, I highly recommend it. Im sorry I dont know the address, but it's a great neighborhood and affords great people watching. Im sure it's the only one of it's kind, so you should be able to locate it. It's the first place I go when I go back to BA.

                  1. Restaurant Dora really rocks, it has just moved to Reconquista 1076, a few metres from Plaza San Martin and from the Sheraton Hotel. Just around the corner from where it was before. If you are about to go to Buenos Aires, you can ́t miss the opportunity!!!

                    1. Wow...news indeed. What is the new space like?

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                        It ́s bigger, it has two floors, one for smokers. The other place is being remodelled. The food is excellent as usual, the people is the same, there is more space between the tables and there are new dishes. It continues to be a great experience!

                      2. Sounds great...especially separating the smokers. Don't know when, but we will return to BA and our first stop will be Dora!

                        1. The pasta and salads in BA are wonderful so you won't have any trouble eating vegetarian. Some wonderful places to try in Palermo that will have good vegetrian options that we frequent every time we go down there include:

                          Morelias in Palermo Hollywood (2005 Humbolt) is a wonderful pizza place (Argentines love pizza and do it very well). They make an amazing parilla pizza that is very thin and cooked on the grill. They have many with veg only toppings. Very cool space often crowded with locals.

                          Sarkis (1101 Thames) is a middle eastern restaurant that is very popular with the locals in Palermo and has many vegetarian options.

                          La Paila on corner of Costa Rica and Malabia does wonderful northern argentine stews, some of which you can order just with corn and vegetables.

                          In case you didn't know yet, you can get much better value at lunch time (vs dinner) if you order the plato principal which typically includes an appetizer, entree and dessert for a very good price. Many restaurants in Palermo will have one of the lunch options be a spinach or cheese ravioli. Have a great time!

                          1. If I may, a link to an article that I just had published in the new edition of Time Out Buenos Aires on vegetarian dining... http://www.danperlman.net/timeout0702...

                            1. The Boston Globe ran an article on 25 March about vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires: