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Apr 10, 2006 08:20 AM

Best Suckling Pig in Toledo, Spain ??

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I understand that Toledo is "the" place for suckling pig in Spain. Any recommendations or suggestions ??
Thanks for any tips.

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  1. Segovia has more of a reputation for suckling pig than Toledo. Partridge is "the" dish in Toledo, as far as I can tell after research in preparation for a trip next month.

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      I've never eaten too well in Toledo, Not bad, because it's impossible to eat
      bad in Spain, but nothing worth writing about. Toledo is a bit too
      Disneyland for my taste.

      But Segovia! Segovia actually has a Disneyland castle in it, so it might be
      too Disney for other people, but it also has some excellent pig!

      There's the famous restaurant in the square right under the roman
      aquaduct. I forget the name, but it's the famous-looking place and
      it's not hard to find square-under-roman-aquaduct. People tell me
      they've got a good pig, but I've never tried it.

      Whenever I've been there, it's Meson de Jose Maria (linked below).
      Truly excellent, as well as having a somewhat disturbing pig display
      in the window. I'd think reservations would be necessary on weekeds
      when half of Madrid seems to drive up for a little cochinillo or
      corderito de lechal asado, but I've had luck just walking in a little
      before 2 on a weekday; it's small on the outside but huge on
      the inside.

      If you get to Segovia, you're also in the heart of lamb country. Don't
      neglect the lamb.

      [Sorry for answering a different question than you asked ...]


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        thanks heaps for that, busy rejigging the schedule to go to segovia now...cheers !

        1. re: Jacqueline

          Both towns have their touristic and culinary merits. Segovia is the town known for suckling pig (and white bean stew made with judiones de la granja)--though there are many other towns in Castilla that serve excellent roast pig and lamb. Toledo is known more for wild game and pastries and marzipans.

        2. re: Jef

          Candido is the famous one right by the aqueduct. I am debating which of these two to try next month. Meson Duque also gets good reports.

          From what I have learned, THE place for lechazo (suckling lamb) is the town of Sepulveda a short drive from Segovia. Tinin is the most famous place..if you go, check beforehand to se if they are lunch only or are also open for dinner.

          In Toledo, I have read good things about Asador Adolfo which I think is a more upscale (in ambience and price) choice than the others in that city. We have reservations for Botin in the Hostal Cardenal; this is a branch of the famous Madrid restaurant.

          1. re: erica

            I will add to this older post by saying that we had very good sucklng pig in Segovia at Jose Maria during our trip. But the absolute culinary highlight for me was the lechazo (suckling lamb) in Pedraza and in Sepulveda.

      2. In April of 2005 I had very good suckling pig in Toledo at the Restaurante-Meson Palacios. He was such a young little thing...his entire rear quarter fit easily on my plate. His little hoof was the size of my thumbnail...Delicious!

        My husband had a good rendition of the partridge and white bean soup...a regional specialty. "Perdiz y judias?" I can't remember.

        My notes show the address as Alfonso X 3...number three on the street Alfonso 10. Best to ask. You could wander around the twisting streets all night. Telephone 925-215-972.

        Joan in Sonoma

        1. I had a very delicious cochinillo at Hostal del Cardenal a few weeks ago, and their mazapan was amazing.

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            We stayed (and ate) at the Hostal del Cardenal in March, and I tried the cochinillo asado too. It was quite good. If I am not mistaken, the hotel and restaurant are owned by the family that owns Botín in Madrid.

          2. The most famous place in segovia is el duque

            1. Another town famous for its suckling pig is Mealhada, near Coimbra in Portugal. Best restaurant for it is Pedro dos Leitao. Go on Sunday afternoon to see Portuguese families in their Sunday best, all eating the same thing.