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Apr 8, 2006 08:37 AM

cheapeats near Melbourne Greenhouse Backpackers

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Looking for cheap and tasty eats near Melbourne Greenhouse Backpackers.

And if you have one splurge, that would be awesome too. This is my first visit to Australia.

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    Jacqueline Anderton

    For a Splurge... FLOWEDRUM.. make sure you book in advance. You can have a set menu for about $149 AUD per person and it included the Peking Duck, lobster, steak etc... excellent service... think it's like no.17 in the world.
    For cheap eats..take a tram down Victoria St, Richmond, heaps of places, try Pacific House (excellent every time)..or try brunswick St in Fitzroy..eclectic mix of cuisines..

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      Try Pacific House. It's cheap, fresh ingredients and absolutely delicious. I went with friends who couldn't eat onion and garlic and the food was amazing.