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Apr 8, 2006 06:12 AM

Qatar, Doha Where to eat Dinner??

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Can anyone suggest great eating experiences in Doha, Qatar ?
Is there any top end 'local style" arabian cuisine restaurants ??
Or any cuisine as long as it tastes great.
I have seen the menu at the Four seasons restaurant which looks great...but I guess you can eat like this anywhere in the world. Thanks.

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  1. Last year, I had an excellent Lebanese meal at a restaurant called Layali, a very fine place that has a rather unlikely location in a suburban strip mall (ask your hotel concierge--he should know it, since the parking lot of the strip mall was filled with very fancy cars). I was taken to Layali by a local. The seafood restaurant in the Inter-Continental is also good, and well-regarded by the wealthy local and expat crowd. Of course, if you are going to eat at a hotel restaurant you might have an even better time at the Four Seasons.

    Every time I asked a local Doha resident where to go to get local cuisine, they told me to have Lebanese food, because there is no good local cuisine. The same thing tends to happen in every Mideast country I visit (except Israel and, of course, Lebanon!). Lebanese food is really superb. After many attempts, I guess I should take people at their word when they say there is no such thing as "Arabian."

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      Jacqueline Anderton

      Thanks, that's great, we will give it a try ! I know what you mean, we've been to Dubai and not been able to find "local" cuisine.
      Do you know if alchohol is served at the layali ?

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        Sorry, I can't remember. I ate lunch there and wouldn't have had alcohol anyway. I honestly cannot recall if I had an alcoholic drink at all in Doha (I am not a big drinker and don't even notice if liquor is available or not!) The hotels serve alcohol, though.

      2. re: Julie

        Israelis like lebanese food, too.

        I would say that most arabs that I have met consider Lebanese food to be the top of arab cuisine. there is good palestinian food, and great syrian sweets, but lebanese seems to be what people talk about.

        1. re: zach

          > Israelis like lebanese food, too.

          Agreed, and there is great Lebanese to be had in Israel, but there are other great options as well that people recommend (I had a stunning Moroccan dinner there, for example). And in Beirut, most of the restaurant recommendations I got from locals involved sushi! :-)