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Apr 5, 2006 07:28 PM

Restaurants in Athens/ Hydra/ Santorini//Mykonos

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Has anyone been in Athens/ Hydra. Santorini and or Mykonos lately. LAst year in Athens most of the places we knew were closed!! Frightening. Like Costa Yiannis, Apotsas, Socrates Prison. Thank goodness Xinou was open.Anyone know the best places now to eat real Greek food (not gourmet french etc.). We have not been to Mikonos for years and do not know the best places. Santorini have not been for four years. Please give us any suggestions. Thanks

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  1. I was there a couple of months ago, and I have been a couple dozen times.

    a nice place that I like is called Eveline - I am sorry that I dont have the address with me, but it is very close to the Hilton. very good, high quality greek food in a upscale atmosphere.
    It is pretty well known and you should be able to ask at your hotel.

    I also discovered an area of great resteraunts just by the monostiki subway station. these are local family oriented meat places, and I happened by on a sunday afternoon and they were packed with greek families enjoying very good grilled meat. nothing fancy, cheap and very fresh. as you come out of the subway station, there are maybe a dozen places around a square.

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      the folks at might be able to offer a few opinions. a challenge to dining out well in greece (in the periphery) is that despite that the ingredients can be of superb quality, the self-imposed stigma that greek cuisine is too coarse and thus needs to be refined (creating more room for error) takes away from the final product. some of the most wonerful food can be enjoyed in the 'mah-gee-REE-ah', literally cookshops. they cater to working class and large families more often for the larger midday meal. stay close to the source; farmers are by and large poor and rarely intimatley associated with the restaurant industry, but fishermen and shepards are. my favorite spot in athens is a cafeteria (in the center, omonia). the type you line up with a tray along a hot table and ask or point to this and that food. it's across the street from the clothing shop pull&bear, the greek branch of the metropolis record store, and the rex music venue. fantastic artisinal beers.

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          On Santorini, Archipelago and Nicholas Taverna

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        Do you mean monasteraki?? I will print your recommendation and try it. Thanks.

      2. Went to Athens/Mykonos and Santorini on my honeymoon last year. The place we enjoyed the most was Sunset Taverna in Santorini. It is near Oia and down at the bottom right next to the harbour. Very romantic and I would suggest getting there early to watch the sunset. We enjoyed the food there a lot as well especially the beans and the mussels. Having said this, we were only there for a couple of days and have not sampled a wide range of different restaurants. But I don't think you can go wrong with Sunset Taverna.