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Apr 5, 2006 12:52 PM

tokyo best of the best (yakitori, tempura, sushi, ramen)

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i need the best places in tokyo/yokohama aread for:

sushi- willing to pay a decent price and would like it to be near tsukiji/ginza

yakitori- down and dirty great hole in the wall place

ramen- best pork broth ramen

tempura - again willing to pay a high tariff for the best


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  1. Tenichi is what I'd recommend for tempura. It's pricey but you sit at a long counter (nice place), they give you bibs and it's a sort of clubby feel as two chefs prepare a variety of tempura, one coating (lightly), the other frying, which they they distribute as they go along to each of the diners. It probably spoiled me for tempura anywhere else.

    The best sushi we had there was in Ginza at Midori, cheap, fun, no reservations so you wait on line. The fish was fabulous and different. I'd go back there in a nanosecond.

    1. For sushi, it probably comes down to either Kyubei or Jiro. Can't really go wrong with either one and expect to pay 20,000 per head. If you want value for money, then it is probably Sushi Dai or Daiwa in Tsukiji market.

      For yakitori, think the best are birdland and isehiro. Have only been to isehiro and was very impressed. Have been a yakitori fan for some time and have tried a number of the better shops. But the tenderness and juiciness of the chicken at isehiro still stands out.

      For tongotsu ramen, I haven't really gone looking for the best but I do like akanoren. It has a branch in Maru building in front of Tokyo station.

      For tempura, my favourite now is Mikawa though I have only been to its branch in Roponggi Hills and not the original. I used to like Tenichi as well for its fried eel dipped with curry powder. But having tried Mikawa, I think it is at the next level.

      1. I don't think there are single "bests" in Tokyo (there are simply too many excellent places). However I ate at the following and can recommend them highly: Kozasa-Sushi in Ginza for sushi (reservations mandatory - have the concierge make a reservation and give you a map for the cab driver - it's hard to find); and Ippoh for Osaka style tempura (easy to find - just find Barney's New York in Ginza - it's on the first restaurant floor).