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Apr 4, 2006 10:47 AM

Gems in Levallois?

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Hello all.

Thanks to everyone who has been posting re: Paris - your tips are narrowing down the choices for me!

My girlfriend and I will be staying in Levallois briefly while she does a rotation for medical school at the hospital there (and I skip my law school classes). I know that this place is out of the way - near the Metro Anatole France - but given the fact that this *is* the Chowhound board, I thought someone might have some suggestions for restaurants in the neighborhood.

Also, there haven't been too many posts for Sunday brunch in Paris - especially for an Easter brunch. We're willing to splurge a little, if anyone has special Sunday/Easter suggestions.

And one last thing - my girlfriend and I have a habit of going to fancy restaurants for dessert after a simple meal; by doing this we are able to taste the food and get a piece of the atmosphere, yet at the same time keep the price down. If you had to pick one restaurant to go for dessert (and dessert only), which would it be? And what would you order? She's a fan of all things chocolate. Here, because it is only dessert, price is not a concern.

Thank you!

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  1. Brunch is primarily a US dining concept and not widely found in France. However, it does appear to be catching on in the past few years. By and large, however, do not expect very many restaurants to be offering a brunch menu, just lunch. One notable exception is the 2 star les Ambassadeurs in the Hotel Crillion. It does have a brunch menu, I have not tried it. The regular lunch menu there is about 70e (food only), so my guess is that the brunch would be priced about the same.

    As for dropping in at a fancy restaurant (I guess you mean 1 star or above) for dessert, you should definitely call ahead and confirm that this will be possible. This is another American idea that I have never seen practiced in France. Most high end restautants in France have only 1 seating per night meaning that if they have 20 tables they will take reservations for 20 tables and that is it. Stopping in for a dessert only, my guess, would not be overly welcome.

    Any restaurant with one or more Michelin stars will produce wonderful desserts. Go to and search or you can buy the Paris only version of the Red Guide on amazon for about 12$. It will list phone numbers, emails etc. You should definitely call in advance, however, to confirm that desset only dining is welcome.

    1. Hey Eric,

      Did you and your girlfriend get to check out any absinthe bars during your stay (assuming you are back)?

      Leaving for Paris next week, and would love to hear about your experience(S) . . . Judging by their website, Cantada looks pretty wild!